Saturday, April 16, 2011

PLN: Who's Looking at you?

One concern when creating a digital resume is whether or not the employers you're aiming for are even reviewing digital resumes. How many employers are interacting Online and are shifting their interests to digital resumes? Well, their are a number of companies hiring Online and you can easily locate these on websites like CareerBuilderMonsterIndeedSimplyHiredHotJobs, or Google. These sites are not only good places to post your digital resume, but they also allow to see what  employers are out there looking for applicants. In addition they also allow for the forming off communities which can come in handy when you are in the job market.

While the possibilities may seem endless, not every employer is Online and therefore is not checking sites where digital resumes can be submitted. A good way of overcoming this obstacle in order to have your digital resume  seen by those employers is to network, as suggested by Susan Ireland. Here's a little video posted by AARP that basically explains the in's and out's of networking (excuse the sponsor message!)

There is always a way to optimize your digital resume so that it is seen by the particular employer/company you are hoping to be hired by. A huge number of companies are shifting to using digital resumes if they don't solely use digital resumes, it is a safe assumption that your digital resume would only serve as a bonus.

My digital resume is formatted as a magnet resume meaning that it is a resume for all my prospective jobs rather than for one in particular and thus doing both networking and posting it on various resume sites would prove helpful. As I progress on creating my digital resume I am realizing how incredibly helpful the research I have conducted is. There are many fields of the digital resume that would have been a struggle for me to complete to my greatest advantage and since I have taken into consideration comments from a number of resume experts my experience is moving along smoothly. I suggest to anyone embarking on creating a digital resume to do their research!


  1. As the end of the school year it quickly approaching so is my search for a summer internship and I have been working on my resume this past week. Although it's not a digital resume I can understand why having one would be beneficial. All of the internships I have applied to either require you to email them my resume or attach it to the job application. I can see why having a digital resume would make things a lot easier and look more professional I’ll have to look into this more!

  2. Yeah it is definitely going to save me some stress in getting my resume to employers especially because of the rush to get summer jobs/internships is going to be stressful enough it will be nice not having to worry about a resume. Also if your employer isn't big about the Internet the digital resume site I used is really nice because it will convert it to a PDF that you can print, super convenient!