Friday, April 15, 2011

PLN: All the Filling

Now that I have the structure of my digital resume down, the next step is to enter my information. I think it is safe to say that this is a crucial component to the digital resume. You're putting your information out there for employers and needless to say the information you include and how you present it can either aide your job search or make you a laughing stock

Ideally, we all want our resume to embody our accomplishments, skills, and potential to fulfill the job qualifications but many times we are lost on how to portray ourselves. @DeborahWheatman recommends providing a personal branding statement that gives a "snapshot" of who you are.  In a post she compares the information that you put in your resume to a restaurant menu in the sense that if you see Fish on a menu as opposed to a more elaborate description like "Flame-broiled Atlantic Salmon marinated in tangy pepper sauce, served with a side of fluffy truffle-infused rice pilaf, grilled mixed vegetables, and fresh baked garlic bread" you're obviously going to be drawn more to the latter. This is such an accessible way of generating thought about a personal branding statement and how effective it can be in getting you and your message across to an employer! A personal branding statement provides you with an assertive stance to employers and is something that would be incredibly beneficial in a digital resume. As a side note if you need help with your personal branding statement a good person to reference is @DanSchwabelManaging Partner at Millennial Branding, personal branding expert, #1 international bestselling author of Me 2.0, speaker, & BusinessWeek columnist.

In addition to a personal branding statement, I think it is beneficial to mention a comment that I received on my last PLN post from Dan.Eliot. His comment brought to my attention the importance of a resume cover letter addressed to the specific hiring manager of the company you are applying to. The recommendation is that if you are aiming and directing your resume to a specific employer as opposed to a broad base you should look up the hiring manager and address them specifically. This can really aide you in receiving attention from that particular employer.

Overall, you want to include the things that one would in a paper resume, but also take into account some of the things mentioned above. You want to portray yourself in the best light, while still remaining truthful because Online or not, lying on a resume is not going to get you far. Transparency is key and incorporating these things into a digital resume will help make it the best it can be!

I am slowly but surely progressing on my own digital resume and the things that I have included in this post are not just for outsider use but I am also applying them to my own process of creating an effective digital resume. As I input my information I will be keeping these things in mind and will include them in my digital resume as I move forward. This process is one that I am learning about as I move along (hence Personal Learning Network) and I am very excited as I get closer and closer to the finished product!

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