Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nasty Turns in Teaching

Everyone is aware of the crisis that teachers are facing with extreme budget cuts and early today I came across an article that just made me feel so disappointed in what is happening in schools and most importantly the effect that it is having on the minds and spirits of kids out there.

A first grade teacher in New Jersey was put on administrative leave for allegedly putting a status on Facebook calling her students "Future Criminals" and comparing herself to a prison warden. This particular teacher wasn't originally a teacher and was placed there in order to keep her job showing how inefficient the education children are getting is with the budget cuts and job losses that are occurring.

 The key point to this article lies within the fact that Facebook got this woman in trouble. We have all heard how employers look at our social networking sites to check up on what we're doing but what about just the general public getting involved?

Parents were the ones that reported and complained about the teacher's postings, and this just goes to show how sensitive the information that we put on Facebook is. What we put out there about ourselves is not as private as we might think. At the beginning of the semester @corinnew did basic Google searches on everyone in the class and we were all shocked to see how much information she found. 

Privacy is a big part of this, but we also need to be cautious of what we post/comment. If you're putting things on your social networking site that you would hesitate to tell your employer, or in the teachers case her students' parents, I would recommend not posting it.

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