Sunday, April 17, 2011

PLN: Where's the Future?

The future of resumes and the workforce is turning towards the web. Many employers are hiring Online now and this trend is only going to increase in coming years. Paper resumes are going to be something of the past and our job searches are going to be done primarily through websites. Ari Herzog describes "How Employers are Hiring Online" and how paper resumes are going to be a part of the past.

Even today it is becoming obvious how the whole system of hiring is changing through the use of social networking sites. Twitter and LinkedIn are great examples of this. For the purposes of my PLN I have gathered various "experts" on digital resumes and since a number of those come from twitter I have been exposed to multiple accounts that aim to help people get hired as well as some that are using Twitter accounts as a means of getting hired. The dynamic of the workforce is changing and it is moving Online. LinkedIn allows for people looking for jobs to connect with people in the industry and create communities. The growth of searching for jobs and hiring via the Internet is inevitable and thus having an effective digital resume to put yourself out there and  get the attention of employers is pertinent.

An important note to consider as well is that videos are also an emerging form of resume, and although I can't currently see this resonating into all professions it is definitely something to consider. The issue with video resumes though is that they can appear unprofessional if they are not produced well.

Our digital footprint is going to weigh heavily on our ability to get hired and so in addition to producing a an effective digital resume here are a few things to look out for since the future of hiring and getting hired is Online-"Your Digital Footprint, Your Future"

This is the conclusion to my PLN project and so here is my finished product! The research that I conducted to back up the structure and information that I included in my digital resume made the process move along much smoother and I am confident that when I put this resume out there I will be seen as professional and will grab the attention of employers. I kept it simple and clear as suggested, and hope that it will provide me with the greatest advantage.


  1. Good work on your PLN! That looks really professional. I'm almost done with mine as well, which is exciting. I think you bring up some really good points in this post. Leaving a positive digital footprint is really important. It can definitely help you in the workforce, while leaving a negative one can be counterproductive. That's why this PLN seems like a great idea--getting started means getting ahead!

  2. Thanks so much! It's such a relief to have it done, especially because now I don't have to worry about a resume either. Kill two birds with one stone haha! Yeah I've definitely searched myself more in the last few months than I had...ever. I hope your PLN goes well, good luck on the finishing steps!