Sunday, April 3, 2011

Need Help Getting Noticed?

Week 11 readings were chapters 6-12 of Engage by Brian Solis. The chapters all discuss different variants of social media and how it is effectively used for instance with micro-blogs or syndicating a network. The chapter that I would really like to focus on for this particular blog post is chapter 9 and social media optimization to be more precise.

Social media optimization (SMO) is something that hits home. As an individual not necessarily new to social media but new to the blogging world SMO is something that is proving to a new challenge. In class we have discussed the concept of search engine optimization and Solis explains SMO in terms of it being "The New SEO". Solis refers to social media optimization as "the deliberate acts of aligning keywords with social objects to improve the association of your content with the individuals performing the search within a specific social network as well as traditional searches and also real-time/social search engines". In more laymen terms I would characterize SMO as basically working in tags, keywords, titles, etc  strategically so that your blog/webpage shows up high in search results.

The way that you describe, title, tag, link, and provide the content of your blog or webpage is crucial in getting noticed. I think if you want to master SMO you need to view as a strategy through and through. You need to constantly be keeping up with cleverly arranging your content so that it works to your advantage and I for one will be doing my best to actively work my blog so that I come up on searches. 

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