Saturday, March 5, 2011

7 Billion- How the Typical is Changing

National Geographic is doing a year long campaign/study on the world's most typical person and how by 2030 what we know today as the most typical man or woman is likely to change drastically due to factors in growing populations and mixing race.

I found this video through my sister and thought it was really interesting! The video doesn't have many special effects or anything of that sort but it plainly states the facts about what is typical in the world today
(a few of which suprised me because I am so often keyed into how American's live).
Check it out!

I thought this was so intriguing because it shows how quickly our world is changing and how one country or nation's ideal of "typical" can be so incredibly wrong. I think that through social networking the stereotypes about what we think is typical can be lessened because we are more capable of interacting with and learning about other peoples. We have seen how social media can connect us with the issues that are relevant around the world and in the same way we can use these instruments to learn that, like in my case, the people around me on my college campus are not by any means the norm.

As I mentioned before this is a year long segment and I believe you have to purchase a subscriptions to the magazine to keep up with the project but check it out for yourself and see whether you think it's worth getting into-Age of Man

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  1. This is awesome. I had seen the article online about "the most typical person," but not the video. National Geographic did an awesome job with that. I wonder what the exact numbers are of women vs men. I didn't realize only 25% of people have bank accounts. I guess being a college student I am used to hearing everyone say, "I have no money in my account!" so I've become biased. Awesome blog post, I'm going to keep up with this story from here on out.