Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let's Engage

This past week in class we started a new book! The book is Engage by Brian Solis. The first two chapters look into how companies must "Engage or Die" and how large the numbers of users there are Online. The concept behind the first two chapter lies with the idea that the number of users Online is not only huge but it is also growing, so if your company is not engaging and using the Internet as a viable source it is going to get left behind.

In reference to my parents company, Allied Advertising, once again I can see how their lack of involvement and engagement is slowly but surely hurting them. I recently offered to set them up Online and my dad expressed how he feels the necessity of such action. My parents I wouldn't say are exactly tech-savvy and so it says something that even they are aware of how important it is to engage Online.

Times are changing and the world is focusing their attentions to social media and networking even in terms of business. Recently, I have noticed people making Twitter handles for the purpose of finding a job as well as handles used to help people make Online resumes to find jobs. The Online resume is one that is in my opinion at least going to become essential in the near future. It is really becoming a matter of "Engage or Die" because everything is revolving in the Online arena.

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  1. Alex, thank you for taking the time to share your observations and also for helping your parent's company. Indeed, times are changing...but change takes new leaders. This is your time.