Sunday, February 27, 2011


Just as we had to learn growing up that when someone is talking we in turn need to be quiet and listen attentively before talking, this lesson is a crucial one for "tapping into the Groundswell". 

Chapters 4-6 describe why and how companies need to interact with the Groundswell. A major point that I particularly reflected on was that listening is key to understanding and effectively participating in the Groundswell. Listening is so important because in order to be strategic about moving your company into the Groundswell, you have to be aware about what people are talking about and how they are reacting to your products or service. If you're product is getting bad reviews the thing to do is probably not to jump into the Groundswell full force because it will end up amplifying the negative. Listening is a huge strategy because it shows you when to act and when not to. Not to mention when you listen you will only be better equipped to respond and talk within it.

That moves us to the next point, talking too plays a major role in the Groundswell. After listening to what's going on in the Groundswell the next step is to interact and talk. This step is extremely important because it is key to spreading your message. 

Combining these things helps to effectively place yourself or your company within the Groundswell.

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