Sunday, March 6, 2011

Engaging and Support Yourself

Chapters 7  and 8 of Groundswell discussed how to energize and help the Groundswell support itself. Both of these chapters went into examples of how the people using your product can energize your product through the Groundswell for you and in addition how simply setting up networks for people to communicate in can establish ways for for the Groundswell to support itself.

Let's first look into energizing the Groundswell. The example the chapter gave an example of how a customer of eBags who would talk endlessly about how great the product is to anyone who was willing to listen. In this case, energizing the Groundswell is representative of people talking about the products and through this the companies do not have to spend any money to get their message across.

As for the helping the Groundswell to support itself, the chapter set up an example of how hospitals have Care Pages which allow for patients to communicate with their loved ones and get support without having to be overwhelmed by constant phone calls or visits. By setting up pages or forums for people to communicate with each other allows for the Groundswell to take off.

In my opinion many companies are helping the Groundswell by setting up User Reviews on their websites. I know I for one am always looking at the reviews for clothes and other items before purchasing and these reviews sort of set up a little community of people looking for good quality products. I have a tendency to Online shop and these reviews really get me to interact with others about certain products that I'm looking to purchase. Granted, this is n't necessarily the best example but I think it gives a basic outlook on how companies are helping the Groundswell to support itself.

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