Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Checking-In Made Easier

If you're Facebook active checking in for your flight has just gotten a lot more convenient! Delta Airlines has added a Check-In  feature on their Facebook page. I for one was happy when I heard this news but also a little bummed because I tend to fly cheaper alternatives such as Southwest Airlines.

Talking from my own experience, with Southwest at least, check in is always an added stress to the already stressful act of flying. On many occasions I have stayed up until midnight just waiting for the check in service to open on the airline website so that I wouldn't have to board last. Although this sounds trivial I know I can't be the only one that puts a lot of weight on the check in process. I figure it is only a matter of time until all the other major airlines start hopping on the Facebook bandwagon when it comes to checking-in.

Delta had the right idea by making the check-in process that much more convenient and soon enough other airlines aren't going to be able to afford not doing the same thing. I for one went on to Delta's website after I read the article to see if I could handle the prices for the mere satisfaction of checking in on Facebook (unfortunately I think I'm going to stick with my original plans for my next trip, but that's not until December so who knows Southwest might have these capabilities too).

I think that it is great that major companies are adapting and realizing how effective their services can  be in regards to social networking. It is definitely a big transition but I think one in the right direction since patterns seem to be leaning towards the advancement of social networking and media


  1. • I completely agree with you that all the other airlines should do the same and that they probably will do the same sooner or later. When I traveled with my family over spring break, I noticed my dad used the Continental App on his i phone to check information regarding our flight. It was very convenient for him to be able to just use his phone instead of having to get on the Internet via a computer. Since today so many phones have Internet included, (smart phones) I believe having a Facebook check in will be just as easy! It will be a constant tool for teens especially who have a Facebook and travel!

  2. Oh yeah, the whole smart phone revolution is definitely making everything a lot more convenient and it's great that companies are keying into it!