Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keep An Ear Out

What makes someone influential? Is it the number of followers they have, how interactive they are, how often they dispel information? Listening seems to be a major factor in identifying influencers. All three articles this week- Unveiling the New Influencers, New Approaches for Analyzing Influence on Twitter, and Social Media Reading- Influencers- mentioned how crucial listening is in identifying influencers as well as becoming an effective influencer.

Listening is so crucial in identifying influncers not only because it will become clear who is out there talking about your topic but listening also intensifies your own ability to understand the main issues and to respond accordingly.  "Social Media Reading- Influencers" makes reference to the elephant ear being "the art of customer listening". In other words this is saying that listening intently to customers online is key. If you listen intently you will be able to find patterns among individuals who serve as influencers and will be more capable of distinguishing between them and people who are just boasting information.

The article explaining "New approaches for Analyzing Influence on Twitter," discusses how influencers are not just those that have the most followers but rather those that are consistent in responding to and re-tweeting information.

The message expressed in these articles is first to listen and observe what and who might be influencers online and that through attentive listening you are compelled to comment accordingly and become an influencer yourself.

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