Sunday, February 27, 2011

Follow the Oscars with Social Media!

More Access to the Oscars!

I don't know about you, but Sunday evenings are typically consumed with school work that piled up over the weekend, so if you're like me watching the Oscars tonight isn't really much of an option. Lucky for us the Oscars are jumping on the bandwagon and joining up with social media sites to inform the masses on all their favorite parts of the Oscars.

The Oscars will be posting the results on their Facebook page and you can also keep up by listening in with the stars themselves. A number of stars including Oscar Co-Host James Franco (@jamesfranco) will be tweeting all of the fun. In addition to Facebook and Twitter the Oscars have also placed apps for phones to follow the news.

I for one am pretty hyped for this because even though I have no time for TV on this homework-filled Sunday, I always seem to make time to check into Facebook and Twitter from time to time. The influence of social media is affecting major awards shows and I can definitely say how the convenience of it is only going to make the Oscars even more accessible and interactive!


  1. This is a great post! i am just like you with the homework issue on Sundays and I am bummed I cant watch the Oscars too! I will have to check out the Facebook site and James Franco's Tweets to get my updates as well. I agree with you that social media has a great impact on a number of different things and has a huge influence! Thanks for this great tip!

  2. Love this! I too have procrastinated a little too much this weekend (I found out I have a paper due tomorrow just a few hours ago, and have -luckily- finished), and did not watch the Oscars at all. The same thing happened with the Grammy's a few weeks ago, but luckily they teamed up with Twitter and YouTube, so I could tune in and out when I had a hw break. So glad for social media at times such as these!

  3. A) Why wasn't I already following @jamesfranco prior to the Oscars?

    B)This has been a really interesting way to "watch" the awards.. definitely made my night at the library a little more exciting.

  4. Sarah & Victoria- So glad this information was helpful to you guys as well!

    Daphne- I know! I was thinking the same thing when I went to his Twitter handle!